Monday, July 24, 2006


Le Saint-Ex, Yongsan-gu, Itaewon-gu, 119-28, Seoul. Tel: 02 795 2465

Le Saint-Ex was the first restaurant I went to in Seoul that wasn't located in some kind of mall, which in my opinion is a very good thing.

It is just off Itaewon high street, up a little alley behind the Hamilton Hotel and opposite the 3 alleys pub. We got there on a dark and rainy night, and the warm glow of the red-walled bistro shone out onto the street. Inside were a happy group of Europeans tucking into their meals with much laughter and chat.

The dessert table is laid out in the middle of the downstairs section, with some good looking chocolate mousses and fruit flans for all to see.This is a small French restaurant with a blackboard of daily specials (having only been there once I dont know if these change every day). It is very neat and tidy, not having the atmosphere of a long-established French joint, but making up for it with a range of jolly Dubonnet and Nestle prints along the wall.

While there we heard one table talking French (which is definitely better than none, I have a rule about not going to French restaurants if the French won't eat there).

We ordered roast scallops on a saffron risotto with asparagus (quite soupy risotto but delicious) and roasted duck breast on green beans with a red wine jus. The duck was cooked to medium as requested and the jus was fine, tasty, smooth and dark. Our side order of pommes frites came cold, but when we pointed this out they were replaced quickly by the smiling waitress who brought some new hot ones.

For two main courses and two small bottles of beer our bill came to 82000 Won. Sadly there was not enough time for coffee or dessert this time.

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Daniel said...

For those that aren't familiar, 82,000 won is about $78 American.