Monday, October 09, 2006

FRENCH BISTRO LA CIGALE MONTMARTRE, Itaewon contact details to follow

Owned by the quirky Frenchman, Pascal, who runs the Spire restaurant group in Seoul and is also a part time animator, la Cigale is a cafe bistro right on the strip in the middle of Itaewon High Street. Opposite Starbucks coffee house with tables onto the pavement the set up is classic french city bistro.

Its location surely guarantees its success and most nights the tables are full. Mainly seating is outside, but there are also many tables inside where you can get away from the rabble cavorting around on the pavement in front of you.

The service here is quick and there are many white-aproned waiters buzzing about to serve you quickly and get you out ready for the next paying customer. No objections to this - Pascal has got to make a living. But I did object to a goat's cheese salad including luke warm, pre-fried goats cheese and my beers being warmish. Then the accompanying salad had obviously been pre-tossed in salad dressing before the evening and then kept in the fridge. Even my bacon bits were refrigerated. This is not in keeping with the French bistro environment which in my opinion should deliver simple, quick-to-prepare, freshly-made food and was therefore a bit disappointing.

However, the food is not so bad and for a jolly, busy atmopshere the place is good for meeting people in a joint which anyone can find. Price wise it is mid range for Seoul, a main course will set you back around 15,000 won, beers are around 4,000.


Catherine said...

Thanks for sharing your food experience at Bistro La Cigale. It seems a little bit crowded... I'm not sure they serve fresh food.
French Course

nadia said...

They don't serve fresh food. The "read seared tuna" in the Tuna Salad is Tuna from a can and it was horrible. They seafood pasta was decent but they are really substandard french food. Even the in the front left, their sign spells "FRANCH"